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Advantages of a Service Contract:



Increased office efficiency and productivity


Lower total cost of IT related expenses


Reduced downtime


Professional consulting services


Scheduled preventative maintenance


Proactive solutions to IT challenges


Scheduled security analysis


Daily automated backup service


Convenient remote support services



Having a Service Contract through nerdsIT will give you peace of mind regarding backups, emergencies, and costly routine maintenance.  Our friendly, knowledgeable, and professional technicians can quickly and effectively care for your entire network and other technical needs.



PC Solutions offers a comprehensive service contract custom-tailored to your needs. Only need a little bit of help each month? We can set up a small service contract to accomadate that. Need alot of help every week? We can do that as well!



Give us a call and we can discuss what service contract may fit you companies needs.


Our nerds are professional technicians.   We take you and your computers seriously. If you have an IT problem at home we can come to you. We cover everything from PC & MAC problems to setting up your Blackberry or IPhone, also home multimedia TV systems. If you have a different issue then we can still help, send us an email or give us a call.


We support all operating systems inc all versions of Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac systems. You can be covered with our Nerds@Home service for a small monthly fee. If you require further information or want to ask some questions please contact one of our technicians who will be delighted to help.





Secure erasure of computer hard disk and disposal of PC. £40